SuperWater Solutions™

The SuperWater Process Alternative

If one scans the negatives associated with the present means of disposing of municipal wastewater, it quickly become evident that none of those negatives apply to the SuperWater Process.

1. The SuperWater Process is inherently the process of choice for sludges that start out as 0.5% to 1.0% solids suspended in 99.5% to 99% water. With simple dewatering to the 10% solids level, the sludges are ideally suited for the SuperWater Process.

2. The SWS-designed SuperWater Process completely destroys all organic material including all pathogens to >99.9%, therefore eliminating all health issues, odor issues and aesthetic issues.

3. Since the only effluent from the process is water, liquid CO2 and a few inorganic compounds that tightly bind all of the heavy metals within non-leachable solids, the problem of finding a place to take the output is gone.

4. Stack gas scrubbing is unneeded because there is no venting of anything but a small volume of benign gases.

5. The process captures over 80% of the heat energy in the biosolids and converts it to steam for the production of electricity, something no other process can duplicate.

6. The SuperWater Process is easy to permit because all effluents are benign.

7. If and when full capture of CO2 is required for greenhouse gas mitigation, the SuperWater Process is already there, since CO2 is naturally separated as an easily transported liquid ready for sale or sequestration.

8. There is no leftover waste; thus, there are no trucks clogging highways and wasting diesel fuel.

Given the above, SCWO is the clear choice for the disposal of wastewater treatment sludges.


Pure Water

Liquid CO2


Inert Solids