SuperWater Solutions™

SuperWater Solutions, Inc. (SWS) is in the business to design, sell, own and operate systems based on a super critical water oxidation (SCWO) process. This proprietary system is called the SuperWater Process. The process transforms sludge from wastewater treatment plants into clean water, liquid CO2, some non-leachable inorganic salts and a great deal of electricity.


Extremely high destruction efficiences for organic materials

Test results from operation of the SuperWater Process demonstrate that destruction efficiencies of greater than 99.9% are routinely achieved for such hazardous materials as pharmaceutical wastes, dioxins, propellants, chemical warfare agents, mixed low-level radioactive wastes, and such non-hazardous materials as sludges from pulp and paper mills and sludges from wastewater treatment plants.

Completely benign end products

In the case of sludges, the only products that are produced by the process are clean water, liquid CO2, non-leachable inorganic solids, and electricity. There are no stack gases, no ash, no pathogens, and no heavy metal leachate to contend with.

Elimination of all human health questions

Since the final products essentially contain neither organic matter nor leachable heavy metals, the debate on the possible negative contribution of sludge to human health is eliminated.

All Weather Solution

The SuperWater Process is not dependent on land application for final disposal of the residual solids. The process is not affected by inclement weather; it provides a reliable, all weather solution to managing sludge.

Efficient generation electricity

The SuperWater Process efficiently converts the chemical energy in the sludge into electrical energy, making it an electrical generating power plant fueled by sludge.

Automatic capture of greenhouse gases

CO2 is the only greenhouse gas produced and is naturally captured in liquid form ready for either sale or sequestration.

Competitive cost

The cost of using the SuperWater Process for processing sludge is competitive or lower in cost than all but the simplest of present disposal methods.